I moved in December to Aero, I love my apartment and it’s very quite at night. The office people are very helpful and friendly. I don’t have any issues in my apartment so I don’t know how is maintenance but when I see them they always wave at me.

"Alfredo Alvarado"

Great customer service. Staff is very friendly and attentive. Any questions I had, they answered accordingly and precisely. The apartment complex was very appealing.

"Melany Perez"

Really good management and loved everybody there 10/10

"Andres Castro"

Sometimes it's not always easy being an apartment manager, with all the headaches that go along with the job. It's hard to greet the public everyday, with every problem that comes up. And making the right decisions, and weeding out the trouble. This at one time was the best side of town, everyone wanted to live over here. This used to be called the Haystack in 1979 and it was rockin. That was, I know 40 years ago. Today they are doing their best to stay up with the rest, and they will work with you anyway they can. If you look around here it's groomed very well, my complaint there is only not enough dumpsters and they overflow. Come talk to Tamara, I believe they run specials all the time.

"Clarence Delaney"

Wonderful managing staff, they get work orders completed fast and they don't short change the job

"Claude Barton"